Serving adult men and women in Georgia

Rhonda Miller, LPC Phone: 706-325-0378 Email:

About Me

When I was a child, I experienced trauma. As a result, I learned many negative beliefs about myself like "I am not important, I can't speak up for myself, and what I say doesn't even matter." Through counseling, prayer, a loving couple, lots of reading and writing in journals, I started to heal. Now I have the opportunity to help others heal from sexual trauma.

Additionally, if you are experiencing anxiety due to COVID19, I can help.

We can work together for your mental health, hope and healing.

Serving adult men and women in Georgia

Rhonda Miller, LPC Phone: 706-325-0378 Email:

Education & Credentials

  • License State GA

  • License # LPC005394

  • Practicing Since 2010

  • Education Master of Rehabilitation Counseling from the University of Kentucky in Lexington

  • BSed from the University of Georgia in Athens

Serving adult men and women in Georgia

Rhonda Miller, LPC Phone: 706-325-0378 Email:

The First Appointment

A few things happen during the first appointment. It's normal and natural to feel nervous before you first appointment. We will talk for a few minutes about how you are feeling and your therapy goals. One important document that needs to be read and signed is called The Informed Consent. This is a contract agreement between you and I about my policies and guidelines.

You will also read and sign authorizations. When you sign these authorizations, you give me permission to interact with your insurance company/EAP and to call someone if you need medical care. This establishes the professional side of our counseling partnership.

The last part of the first appointment is the Initial Intake Interview. You will answer questions about your personal, family, medical, and mental health history. During the intake interview and for the next few sessions, we will discuss your answers so that I can effectively assist you in meeting your therapy goals.

Rates & Insurance

Rates: Initial Intake Interview $130.00 Session Fee 95.00

Group Session Rates: $25.00 per session

I accept the following insurances:





I accept private payments if you choose not to use your insurance or if you do not have insurance.

I am also on several Employee Assistance Programs (EAP). Please check with your Human Resource Department or your Benefits Manager to use this service so that you can receive counseling services.

Rhonda Miller, LPC Phone: 706-325-0378 Email:


How long will I be in therapy?

At the end of the day, it is your decision as to when you stop therapy. During the initial intake interview, we discuss your goals, what you hope to get out of therapy and how your life would be different if therapy helps. As our work progresses, I periodically check in with you to see how you think your therapy is going and your opinion about your goals being met.

Rhonda Miller, LPC Phone: 706-325-0378 Email: